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Welcome to Clovegarden, our ever-evolving food site featuring ingredient information and recipes. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful, or at least entertaining. At this time it is a completely non-commercial site.

Philosophers Philosophy

Here you will find the principles that guide the structure and and content of this site, as expound on wonderful food created with affordable and widely available ingredients.

ingredients Ingredients

On our world famous pages you will find information on ingredients from the most common through the most exotic - what they are, who uses them, how to buy, store and use them, and substitutions when needed. Our Search Engine will help you find them under many names.

Fillet Set Kitchen Gear

Here we have notes on various important kitchen tools, as well as some obscure ones. We review how they are used and the good points and bad points of various tools.

Sprouts Diets

People adhere to certain diets due to religious conviction, ethics, economic realities, medical necessity, or just plain perversity. Here we describe a number of diets adhered to for any of those reasons.

Mameliga Recipes           -

We present over 1000 international recipes, every one of which we have tested, liked and written up in logical sequence with the details you will need to get it right the first time. We include copious notes for each recipe regarding its origin and various ways it's made. Depending on what you are looking for, we suggest using the most appropriate index.

Recipes by Region
Recipes by Ingredients
Recipes by Use

Table Setting Table Service

Here we describe the evolution of the Western table service, and also describe the features of a number of non-Western table services.

Bog Our Blog

We don't have a bog. We hate the bog format, and we don't have time to sift though inane comments to see if there's anything worth responding to. If you have something to say, email to agryg@clovegarden.com.