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Welcome to Clovegarden. We have been building this site since 2004, and it has a wealth of culinary information - but more is being added as fast as we can. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful, or at least entertaining. At this time it is a completely non-commercial site.

in Theory and Practice

Philosophy - Wonderful food, simple methods and affordable ingredients.

Ingredients - how to buy, how to store it, how to use it and substitutes when needed.

Recipes - great tasting dishes we have enjoyed.
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Kitchen Gear - what you need, what works, what doesn't

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We're now not sure there ever will be a store here, but this space is reserved for it if it should come about.

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Culture, Diets & Cuisines

Table Service - Western & Asian

Diets - for Health, Ethics & Religion


News, Trends & Opinion
What's going on with Food

Chicken moves from Light to Dark .

Chinese Restaurateurs Protest Proposed Ban.

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