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14 February 2014

Clovegarden was conceived in 2004 as a commercial site, selling stuff for a living. That prospect has become more and more remote as time passes and the need passes - though it is still possible. Should this site become commercial in any way, all the information resources, existing now, or added in the future, will remain free.

The site is still under intensive development, though it gets harder to see that as the site becomes larger and larger - and a lot of time is currently being spent updating old pages to current standards - much has changed since 2004. It currently contains nearly 2600 indexed pages.

At the date of this writing, all content, with the exception of some third party photographs (credited) has been written and composed by Andrew Grygus, including all the recipes.

It is possible other people's content will be included in the future, but to date nobody has expressed any interest.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful, or at least entertaining. We welcome any comments you may have.

Andrew Grygus

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