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Different people and people in different regions live on sometimes radically different diets. This may be due to religious decree, theories of health maintenance and longevity, a desire to lose weight, or simply due to idiosyncrasies of the region. Here I have grouped many diets into a few related categories - though there cross-overs..

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Religion & Philosophy

Judaic Dietary Laws - Kashrut - clear rules with no explanation for them has fostered debate for at least 2000 years.

Islamic Dietary Laws - Inspired by the Jewish laws, but significantly different, and with some explanation.

Buddhist Dietary Customs - an offshoot of Hinduism and Jainism.

Hindu Dietary Customs - 4000 years old and a subcontinent in size - uniformity is too much to expect.

Jain Dietary Customs - ancient and influential.

Christian Dietary Customs - Not particularly strict.

Vegan - Rejection on ethical grounds not only of all animal derived foods but all animal derived products whatever.

Health & Longevity

Celiac & Gluten Free     Celiac - (gluten intolerance) is a serious disorder that requires a totally gluten free diet. "Gluten Free" is also a fad diet promoted for non-celiacs because it is high profit potential.

Diabetes     A serious condition where the body does not automatically control its blood sugar level, so that control has to be applied "by hand". Diet is a major part of the control strategy.

Vegetarian     The traditional diet of a large part of the world's population, and increasingly popular in the U.S., for a variety of reasons. More extreme forms of vegetarians includ Fruitarians and Vegans.

Mediterranean     A modern adaption of the traditional diet of the European coast of the Mediterranean, including Southern Italy, Greece and the islands.

Paleolithic     Based on the natural diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but modernized to be more practical for those of us who don't spend the day wandering around with a sharp stick.

Heart-Healthy Diet     This name is most associated with the American Heart Association and its recommendations.

Macrobiotic     With strict rules and prohibitions and an Oriental mystique the macrobiotic lifestyle has attracted a significant following of adherents and true believers. Claims that a macrobiotic diet can cure cancer and AIDS are somewhat controversial.

Raw Foods     One of the most extreme and idealistic diets.

Commercial & Weight Loss Diets

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