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This Site looks to the future - but also celebrates the slow passing of an era, and the people who have been important to our community. These are people who reached adulthood without computers, hand held calculators or cell phones (not even flip phones). This was long before Arpanet became the Internet. It is, however, the era that saw rise of Science as a respectable career, the rebirth of pre-Christian spirituality in the West, the rise of the Internet and the "information Society". It was an era where fast transportation encouraged migrations and the introduction of many far-flung cultures to each other.

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Portrait of Fay Angus Fay Daphne Angus

Fay was a writer, community activist, mother of two, and all around sweet and likable person. She was born May 25th 1929 in Brisbane, Australia, spent some time in a Japanese internment camp in China during World War II, and lived a long and productive life in Sierra Madre, California. She died very suddenly on February 17th 2016.

Portrait of Ron Grygus Ronald Allen Grygus - Memorial Page

Master motorcycle mechanic and restoration craftsman.

Jon with ParentsJon Martin Stringer

Jon Stinger had a particular interest in music, and was an avid collector of recordings, particularly of early music (Medieval into Classical). He organized music programs for the Music Group form many years. He was also very interested in film noir, narrow gage steam railroads, and the old Los Angeles Red Cars.

AJG Portrait, smallAndrew Joseph Grygus

OK, I confess, I'm not actually dead (2017), and don't expect to be dead for some time (even though the paranoids are all plotting against me). I'm starting my own memorial page now because I'm very confident nobody else would ever get around to it. I can't get them to write up pages for people who were actually important in their lives.

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