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We are a diverse group of people, mostly in Los Angeles County, who have gathered periodically, usually once a month, since about 1954, to listen to recorded (and sometimes live) music, engage in intense conversation, and share interesting food. The group name derives from its earliest History. Each gathering has a central theme with appropriate music selected. Themes may range from Medieval through modern and contemporary classical, with some excursions outside the mainstream classical venue. For descriptions (with photos and menus), click on Past Events.

Others of similar interest are always welcome - just send an email from our Contacts page for information. These gatherings are at private homes so we don't publish addresses on this Web page.

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Flower Saturday, 25 March 2017   -   (Altadena Location)

Our March event will say farewell to a very long time Musica Donavania tradition. Until now it has been the Bach's Birthday event, which made sense years ago when he was little known. Today Bach has been so overexposed a lot of people are just tired of him, especially his Brandenburg Concertos. Yes we will have some J.S. Bach music, but then we will move on.

===========================   Events below this line are tentative and subject to update & confirmation.

French Indochina Logo Saturday, 29 April 2017   -   (La Crescenta Location)

Time again for Frog Night! We will have an All French program, including some surprises.

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