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This page is for links to sites and persons that are allied to our goals, of particular interest to us, or just plain friends. There is not necessarily any rhyme nor reason to being listed here. See our Commercial Links page for more conventional links.

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IWeThey - A broad discussion board hosting many topics. While most participants have a technical background the action is now mostly in non-technical threads (news, politics, economics, health & food, general discussion). Open to all life forms except spammers and trolls (actually we welcome trolls if they're entertaining). Conversations about CloveGarden food subjects are welcome here, but you have to log in to post.

Portrait of Jennie Webb Jennie Webb

Playwright, lecturer, columnist, theater critic and pen for hire, Jenny wields a wide range of writing skills. She is well known among the Los Angeles literati - and Los Angeles is The Creative Capital of the World, after all (but New York claims their creatives are "cooler" because they're all unemployed). Jennie is married to Sleepy James, who also appears on this list.

Portrait of Katralia Katralia   - & -   Mary's Store

Writer and lecturer on mythopoeic subjects, Katralya Angus is particularly expert in the works of Tolkein and C. S. Lewis. She also does belly dancing, as demonstrated in the photos from Christmas at Mary's Store in Sierra Madre. She is also a possum enthusiast. Mary's Store and Canyon Cafe has been operating in the canyons above Sierra Madre since the 1920s.   Christmas 2008   -   Christmas 2009   -   Christmas 2011   -   Christmas 2012, 2013, 2014   -   Christmas 2015

Portrait of Mallory & Mc Call Mallory & Mc Call

Jan and Mallory have restarted their performing career after a couple years of rest. They specialize in costumed entertainment in seveal historical formats and are particularly noted for their pirate songs. Check out the photos from La Tierra de La Culebra. They also produce wonderful bead and knot based neckwear for sale at Pirate Primitive.

Portrait of Sleepy James Sleepy James

Singer and songwriter, Sleepy has toiled in the music vineyard for more than 40 years...and has no intention to stop now. His latest CD, "The American Prisoner," featuring 15 original tunes, is available at CD Baby and iTunes. He's married to literary diva Jennie Webb (see above).

Logo of Pagan Federation International Pagan Federation International   - AND -   PFI United States

The Pagan Federation seeks to support all Pagans to ensure they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and religions. It aims to promote a positive profile for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan beliefs to the media, official bodies and the greater community.

Logo of Suligowski's Regiment Suligowski's Regiment

This organization is devoted, through education, historic re-enactment and fun, to correcting America's deficient understanding of of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth - the people who destroyed the oppressive Teutonic Knights and crushed the massive Turkish army at Vienna. While not a member of this group, my own ancestry is Polish-Lithuanian so I appreciate their efforts (AJG).

Various Braids Loop Braiding

Loop braiding is a way to make useful and decorative cords and bands, using only your hands and some yarn or string. It has a long history, worldwide, going back thousands of years. Some patterns have been preserved in medieval and later manuscripts from England and Japan.

Artwork by Robin Cohen Robin Cohen

A former dancer, Robin now does sculpture in stone, semi-abstract paintings, and custom paintings of sports figures, on canvas, T shirts, soccer balls, and other appropriate objects (and she might do politicians if the pay was good). She also does cute little sculptures of pigs.

Model of Church Northwest Education Center

This organization, on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, maintains a museum with many historical themes for children's education, organizes Summer Camps for children, provides Art Lessons by prominent artists for both children and adults, provides a facility for parties, and includes a store with Christian and general interest books and gifts.

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