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2007 Clove Garden

Partial Playlist & Details

"Paniaguas" - Italian dances performed by Atrium Musicae of Madirid.
"Eschwynge of Yldenesse" - Misericordia + Gaita of Edinburgh, Scotland
"Dance Royal" - French, Anglo, Norman and Latin 13th Century performed by Ensemble Alcatra.
"Abelard / Music of Minstrels" performed by Music School of Early Music
"Music for Dance" - various ensembles
"The Alchemist" - Philip Pickett, New Consort of London

Food Notes

Along with the usual wide selection of beer, wine, bread and cheese, two main dishes were served and both were very well liked: Bonnie's Tortilla Chili (vegetarian), and a Vietnamese Beef Curry with Potatoes.

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