Steak Knives

Steak Kinives

This is a great place to waste money. Yes, if you serve large hunks of meat on a plate, each person needs a steak knife. You can get a nice set of six from Wusthof for only U.S. $420 (that's list, but Amazon has the set for only $214 - what a bargain!). Of course they'll be dull where they touch the plate in no time flat. That's why most steak knives are serrated, so only the peaks touch the plate and get dull. Unfortunately, serrated knives don't cut, they shred and tear - quite unpleasant and considered bad form.

I buy my non-serrated Steak Knives at a local Asian market for $1.00 each. They work just fine and it takes only a moment to stone the tips sharp enough to cut after use (only 1/2 inch or so up near the tip ever touches the plate and gets dull). You just don't need a super-knife for this application.

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