Tortilla / Chapati Warmer

Fabric Tortilla Warmer This item is very useful here in the Southwest of the United States, but may be less important in the Frozen North. There are many different types made from ceramic and plastic, but testers have found the insulated fabric type to be far more effective than any of the others. It's also easier to store when not in use. The photo specimen, which can hold tortillas up to 10 inches diameter, was purchased from, where many designs are available.

The fabric tortilla warmer (and some other kinds) can be filled with tortillas and heated in a microwave oven, but you are limited as to how many at a time, depending on the moisture content of the tortillas. If much steam is generated, they tend to come apart and stick to each other. For more details on warming tortillas, see below.

This warmer is just fine for Indian chapatis also. Here in Southern California, whole wheat tortillas and commercial chapatis are pretty much identical, and are made on the same equipment. Indian women here don't have time to develop the traditional skill of rolling out perfectly round chapatis by hand, so Indian markets sell tortilla presses for that.

Warming Methods

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