Egg Piercer / Spoon / Slicer

Egg Piercer The Egg Piercer is used to make tiny invisible holes in the air pocket end of eggs. This relieves air pressure as the egg heats up when you hard boil it. This is particularly good if it has invisible cracks which would open under pressure and spew egg out into the water. It has no significant effect on peelability.

This device (purchased from Crate and Barrel more than 40 years ago, before they went all upscale and yuppie) has a spring which drives a needle when you push the button. The needle projects out less than 1/8 inch. There are much fancier models sold today, at very variable prices, but I won't buy one until this one stops working.

You can also pierce eggs with a regular large needle, with some duct tape wrapped around the blunt end so you can get a grip on it.

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Egg Spoon The Egg Spoon is a very useful device for removing eggs from hot water, securely and without bringing along any hot water. It is also very useful for boosting Tomatoes out of their scalding water to be quenched and peeled. I consider it an almost essential kitchen tool.

These are not easy to find. When searching on the Internet, look for "wooden egg spoon", as metal and plastic egg spoons are for eating soft boiled eggs with.

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Egg Slicer Slicing eggs with a knife is an exercise in frustration. The eggs stick to the sides of the knife, the yolks smear and crumble, and the whites break. The wires of the Egg Slicer have no sides to stick to. It cuts eggs into slices or wedges without difficulty or mess. This one came from Bed Bath and Beyond, sometime around 2009.

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