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Many of our most important foods are a little bland and can become monotonous when often repeated. This has resulted in an endless search for new seasonings to break the monotony and add interest. Seasonings provide the cook with a palate of tastes s/he may exploit, either to fame or disgrace depending on skill and imagination.

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Andes Salt Pans Salt is the most important of all seasonings. It is essential to flavor and essential to life itself. It can also be dangerous. Just how dangerous and how much of it is dangerous is very much a matter of controversy today. For its importance as a seasoning and for its effects on health we have given salt two pages of its own.   Photo © i0050.

Salt - Varieties and Uses.
Salt & Health.

Chicken Powder   -   [Chicken flavored broth mix]
Can of Chicken Powder

East and Southeast Asian recipes depend a lot of chicken stock being continuously available, but that isn't always practical in this day when servants and stay at home cooks are increasingly scarce. This is particularly so for Southeast Asians now living in North America. This has made Chicken Powder an essential ingredient for cobbling up small amounts of stock quickly. Due to it's common availability it has also found use as a general seasoning.

Some of the Asian brands are entirely artificial, completely unrelated to actual chickens, so it is a good idea to read the ingredients list before purchasing.   Details and Cooking.

MSG   -   [Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Glutamate, Additive E621, Ajinomoto, Vetsin, Accent]
Chemical Formula

This highly controversial white crystalline powder is rapidly increasing in use, particularly in processed foods. The reason for this is simple, it enhances flavors. Processed foods are loaded with salt and spiked with MSG to cover their lack of natural flavor.

First identified in seaweed, glutamate exists in many natural foods, including mushrooms and some vegetables. Formerly made from wheat, it is now industrially produced by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates, and is celiac safe. It's safety in other respects has been strongly attacked and just as strongly defended. See our page MSG & Health.   Diagram by Benrr101 contributed to the public domain.

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